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Let’s Talk About Large Green

No – I’m not talking about a sackful of cash. I’m talking about the lawn that came with your new home.

You are finally in your new home. And you want the home to look great. However, your lawn is not cooperating yet.

So what do you do about your grass, you put down fertilizer. And then you put down weed killer. And then you see that is looking even worse, possibly even dying totally. Well you probably made a mistake or two. So before you make a big mistake, try this.

Yes you need fertilizer, but follow the instructions. Too many people put down more fertilizer than is needed and this can burn out the lawn and possibly kill it off.

Then you need to water your lawn. Many many people think that they should water everyday for short amount. And this keeps the grass nice and wet and is good for it. Sorry but that’s not proper thinking. Grass roots like to be able to go nice and deep, it helps the lawn stay healthy. Water a little less frequently, but water deep. Ideally you want the soil to be damp up to 6 inches down. If you only water on little every day or every other day, the roots cannot penetrate and go down deep.

And then you noticed you have weeds. So you put down weed killer, quite possibly weed killer with fertilizer. Again – don’t put down too much, it can kill the lawn off.

Many people also like to keep their lawn cut nice and short so it looks good. You shouldn’t cut the grass too short, try to keep it to a minimum of two and a half to 3 inches tall. If you cut the grass too short, the leaves don’t have the ability to collect enough sunlight to promote good solid growth.

Follow simple directions and you can have your lawn looking nice and green and staying healthy.

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