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Selling Your Home Tip # 4

Another way to develop information helpful in setting your asking price is to go home shopping. Go out with your realtor, and visit competing home in your price range that are for sale.
Seeing the condition of the homes, and seeing the upgrades and or additions that have been made can help you compare it to your home and come up with an accurate selling price. Remember – the prospective buyers coming into your home will also be looking at those homes for sale, and comparing your home to theirs. They’ll be comparing it in both condition, upgrades, and of course the price.
Don’t forget that you also need to include into the equation the actual selling prices of the similar homes. You can’t go into homes that have sold recently to compare them. But you can look, along with the aid of your realtor, at the pictures of homes that have recently sold.
Most importantly, remember that if you’re serious about getting your home sold quickly must be priced equal to or preferrably less your local competition.
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